To provide safe access to specific medications and to support FDA REMS requirements, manufactures need risk management and education programs, often across multiple countries or jurisdictions.

Trapiza makes the requirements and processes of risk management and education programs seamless by creating a ‘closed loop’ support network of health care professionals, with the use of secure online tools and a sophisticated workflow and business rules engine.

Prescribers can register new patients into manufacturer programs and obtain immediate approval for prescriptions based on manufacturer business rules while being minimally disruptive to the consolidation process. This enables more time for the prescriber to spend cultivating patient relationships.

Pharmacists can minimize patient wait time by creating ordering rules to ensure stock availability and completing dispense authorization promptly and efficiently.

Patients, while being supported by the network of health care professionals, also have access to online education networks and support communities to enable them to better understand their health condition and medication.

Closing the loop

Highly Flexible

Choose the features that are right for you.

Highly Flexible

You may simply require Registration of program participants to ensure appropriate terms and conditions are understood and agreed, and to facilitate appropriate communication. The use of Trapiza forms and workflow is an efficient method of capturing registration details and putting in place appropriate approvals and processes to support your participant registration needs.

In addition to registration, use Education to ensure your participants are appropriately trained. Key learnings can be demonstrated through online assessments, while education compliance is tracked for audit purposes.

Trapiza can be utilized to create training courses with a variety of multimedia content, including PDF, PowerPoint and video. Test participants’ knowledge using quiz- based assessments. Training courses can be once-off during registration, repeated on a periodic basis or ad-hoc as new features or compliance requirements are identified.

Full compliance and audit Controls can be supported using the Trapiza workflow and business rules engine. Define rules for Patient Prescriber Agreement (PPAF) during patient registration, Prescription Authorization (PAF) for each script written, Pharmacy Dispense, Supplier/Wholesaler replenishment or any other key process supporting your compliance needs. Automatic approval can be provided once all defined rules are passed or failed rules can be escalated to your customer support team for further review.

GxP Validated solution

Trapiza has been developed utilizing a best practices framework in Quality Management Systems including GAMP 5 for Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) management, ITIL for Service Delivery and Good Documentation Practice across all implementation and development teams.

We can work with you to achieve your validation requirements; alternatively, you can rely on the Trapiza SDLC methodology to provide computer systems validation.

GxP Validation

Robust and Configurable Solution

Trapiza has been built from the ‘ground up’ to address the needs of pharmaceutical companies who wish to deploy applications on a global scale using a common set of functionality whilst also allowing for local country variations to meet specific regulatory requirements.



Project Services

Trapiza provides a modern, web-based user interface that is highly configurable to meet the needs of our customers across state, country, regional and global jurisdictions.

Application functionality specific to registration of prescribers, pharmacists, and patients can be used as a basis of our customers’ unique application needs. This may include transactional functionality related to prescribing, dispensing and ordering services.

Using our pre-built functionality allows customers to use Trapiza (for example, the Medicinal Cannabis Medicines Portal) to improve the efficiency of their process with common functions, while unique application functionality can be built using our technology framework providing a seamless user experience.

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